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Imagine operating a robot outside the usual line-of-sight definition without climbing high towers or setting up elaborate infrastructure.

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Imagine operating a robot outside the usual line-of-sight definition without climbing high towers or setting up elaborate infrastructure. Aeroguard Solutions Pte Ltd, the provider of integrated MRO services for commercial and military aircraft, is now providing ultra-efficient drone services to different sectors for preventive, maintenance and disaster management hotspots. A faster, safer, cleaner and greener approach to monitoring and maintaining a structure’s integrity. Aeroguard’s drones can address three main concerns: threats from harmful substances, inaccessible or dangerous parts of a structure and complex systems.

We deliver aerial robotics with our Quadrotors, Bi-rotors and Ground control differentiators, all 3D Printed. They have onboard AI & AR and de-risk algorithms intelligence developed by AT

Reaching the Unreachable Places

  • Enterprises


    Industrial Asset Inspection
    Construction Site Mapping

  • Public Safety

    Public Safety

    Situational Awareness
    Search & Rescue

  • Defense


    Intelligence & Reconnaissance
    Security and Patrol
    Incident Response

  • agriculture


    Aeroguard drones can assist in crop health analytics and weed detection. We deliver aerial technology that gives farms real-time crop data and actionable insights, transforming how farmers grow crops.

    Our cloud analytics provides category-leading insight across all development stages, from crop scouting to yield projections.

  • Mining


    Drone imagery delivers a better view of your stockpile situation. Our drone camera technology brings industry-leading aerial observation.

    Aeroguard Drones provides:
    – The highest quality drone video footage.
    – Stockpile estimation.
    – 3D modelling and zonation maps for mines.

    We aim to increase safety and inventory accuracy by implementing drone technology.

  • Telecommunications


    Provides a drone-based solution for telecom towers inspection, is a complete Asset Management solution for telecommunication towers, capable of detecting and classifying hazards without human intervention.

    Using a unique integrated software suite, the Aeroguard drones can enable telecom companies to increase their capacity by performing complete tower inspections and seeing probable damages or potential risks before they happen.

  • ports


    Drones apply proper inspections of Ports, Off-shore Platforms and other Coastal Infrastructure, ensuring seaman and crane operators are operating their equipment correctly.

  • Underwater

    Underwater asset inspection

    Aeroguard Drones HD Tilt Camera with Auto Heading & Depth allows you to inspect high and difficult places underwater. Aeroguard Drones Provides safe and reliable solutions for high-risk activities in difficult-to-reach areas. Using a board depth sensor and GPS, the drone dives & flies with ease.

  • oil

    Oil & Gas

    Aeroguard provides real-time and on-demand gas leak detection solutions through various UAV platforms, providing the benefits of early warning systems. Combined with flare stack inspections, damage detection and pipeline surveys, Aeroguard drones provide complete asset monitoring.

  • solar-power

    Solar Power

    Drones for detecting or inspecting your solar power plant, getting data about the panels’ health, and quickly generating reports for actionable measures. High-resolution imaging, accurate analysis of anomalies and damage detection completes an end-to-end solution for site documentation, capacity planning, and generation forecasting.

  • mro

    MRO Solutions

    Having established the right technological capabilities, Aeroguard Drones offers aerospace solutions such as visual inspection of aircraft, 3D modelling of aircraft, lightning damage assessment, UT testing of aircraft using drones, and detailed damage inspection reports.

  • Infrastructure


    We create 3D models of coastal, island, military and meteorological infrastructures. Most devices are used for the inspection of Oil and Gas platforms. The UAV systems take two or more lightweight cams that capture high-precision 3D images of the infrastructure. This makes it possible to inspect the equipment in a detailed manner.

  • warehouse

    Warehouse inventory management

    Aeroguard Drones are an innovative, fully automated drone solution. It is designed to automatically scan and log your assets in the Warehouse inventory management system. Get product location and condition information in real-time, record and edit images captured, and Get bin label reports and pallet/case barcodes with the site.

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